Tassel Tutorial

How to Make Tassels
Materials: yarn to make the tassels, scissors, bandage to wrap around finger to prevent blisters, and a CD or DVD case.
1. Begin by loosely wrapping yarn around a CD or DVD case. Anywhere from 50 to 100 wraps works well. Keep count so it will be easy to make multiple tassels the same size.
2. Snip off the yarn, but make sure it’s the same end as where you began. Then, take a new piece of yarn and slip it through the end of the wrapped yarn.
3. Carefully slip the yarn off the case.
4. Tightly tie a knot, and then tie another.
5. Make a loop and tie it in place. Snip the yarn free from the skein.
6. Hold the yarn tight with one hand on the side with the loop and slide the scissors in the opposite edge. Cut the yarn.
7. Fluff out the tassel so the yarn sits in place.
8. To form the neck of the tassel, make a slip knot and keep the yarn attached to the skein. It can be the same color as the tassel or a different one.
9. Slide the slip knot over the top of the tassel to form the head. Pull tightly.
10. Pull as tight as you can without breaking the yarn and wrap around to create the tassel’s neck. Wrap around about 10-20 times. (Wearing a bandage will help prevent blisters from forming on your index during this step.)
11. Tie two knots at the base of the neck. Trim the yarn.
12. Hang tassels for a few days.
13. To trim the tassels, hold the bottom edge of the tassel with your non-dominant hand and cut the tassel edge until it is even.
14. Attach your tassels to your costume. You can attach the tassels directly by the loop, or you can run a tie through the tassel loop if you want the tassels to swing around on a belt.